My Manifesto

Friends often ask me, “How do you manage to travel most of the year, be involved with running several businesses, and get away with spending only 3-4 days per month in an office?”

All fun and no work?

On the outside, my life looks like all fun and no work. Which is misleading. I work a lot, but I have made it my mission to live my life on my own terms:

  • I run “Me Inc.”, because if you work for someone else, you’ll only ever make money for someone else and never achieve a real degree of financial independence;
  • Through a number of choices that I have made and worked hard for, my career is nowadays primarily managed from my laptop, which gives me strong control over how and where I spend my time;
  • Instead of relying on government to provide for me in old age or ill-health, I have taken control of these important parts of life by finding and creating more reliable private solutions.
  • Whereas I do some select work for a fee or salary, the majority of my time is spent on building and running my own projects and companies.

All in all, and after veering off into the wrong direction during some stages of my career, I now live a pretty awesome life. 

What this website won’t do…

This website is not going to promise you any over-night riches or quick solutions to complex problems such as retirement saving.

I am actually the opposite to many of the websites you find about such topics. Other websites promise you an easy ride, if only you buy that expensive information product from a 23-year-old blogger kid who operates from a cheap surfer hut in Thailand… Good luck with that!

Anyone who wants to make you believe that there is an easy way to building a business or earning a freelancer income is looking to take you for a ride.

The vast majority of new businesses fail (venture capitalists usually work on the assumption that 9 out 10 of will go nowhere), and the famous “over-night success stories” are usually businesses that, upon closer inspect, actually took many years (or decades) to build.

Personally, I’d be wary of anyone who promises an easy path to riches. The sort of people who use such websites should stay well clear of my website, because I regularly poke fun about them.

…but I know how I can help you

I promise you a helping hand in making your sweat, blood and tears turn to success in the long-run and create the life you aspire to.

Hopefully, all my free content will also help you in getting started in the first place and develop the right mind-set. That journey of a 1,000 miles begins with a single step! Use my writing to learn what is possible if you set your mind to it.

When you see me doing the things that I write about on my blog, please keep in mind that I have spent the better part of the last 25 years creating this situation. However, with the advances in technology and an overall fast-changing world, you can do the same, and you can get there much faster. I do believe anyone can create the live they want within 2 to 3 years. Provided, of course, you have access to the right kind of information and you begin to make an effort.

This blog got its start because writing for it forces me to put my own thoughts into order. I genuinely enjoy sharing content because the feedback I get makes me think about subjects from entirely different angles. My original aim was to inspire a small group of friends and social media contacts, and writing that blog felt like being at an interesting dinner party 24/7.

In previous parts of my career, my work has been featured in the publications like the Financial Times, Vanity Fair, and the Economist (see media section below). I have achieved a lot, but I have also learned many lessons the hard way. Having managed start-ups, turnarounds, charities, investment funds, and special projects such as fundraising for a hostile take-over, there is a broad variety of management related subjects I have something to say about. If my articles help you avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made along the way and make you more successful, then I have already achieved my goal.

On this website, you will learn how, with diligent effort and a long-term plan, you can rid yourself of what has been holding you back and build the life you desire.

What you get is 100% genuinely me

Everything you find on this website has been written by myself, for better or worse. I do recommend you sign up to my email alerts, so that you’ll automatically hear about new articles appearing on here.

Also, please also feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, a website that I actively use and which I find eminently useful. Or contact me if you feel that I can be of help to you in any way. I do like being in personal contact with contacts old and new.

Totally separate from this website, I have a long history of writing about finding interesting investments in unexpected places. I once even wrote two books about the subject, and you might also find my investment website,, of interest.

We’ll be lucky to get 36,000 days on this planet. Yet another day will have passed in the bat of an eye-lid, so make every one count! If this website sounds like it’s for you, don’t waste another day not acting on the information I offer.


Swen Lorenz