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Occasionally, my research into one particular subject is too extensive to fit into an article. For these cases I write eBooks, which range from 20 to 100 pages. Just like the rest of this website, their subjects cover a huge range but nevertheless all fit into the overall idea and mission of this website.

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Brexit and Trump – 10 reasons why I love their positive impact

Trump and Brexit are already having a global, direct influence on many questions that this blog is dealing with, e.g.:

  • Where and how to safely and successfully build your own business?
  • Which country or region to base yourself in to have a good life?
  • How to protect yourself against the creeping bankruptcy of government Ponzi schemes in areas such as health and pensions?

The eBook is divided into ten chapters that can be read independently, and also includes two chapters where I show potential conclusions for your personal life and your business.

(80 pages, PDF, 8.9MB)

Everything I can tell you about fundraising

“10 reasons why your Fundraising WILL fail – the hard truths no one else is telling you about”

  • The unexpected problems with “angel” investors that are little talked about because they could be deemed offensive.
  • The personality traits that you are probably missing but which you need to have to be successful at fundraising (and which you could build up through training).
  • A quick checklist of what you need to do to have at least a fighting chance of succeeding with your fundraising ambitions.

(44 pages, PDF, 8.9MB)

My ultimate travel tips

“10 places I recommend you visit during your lifetime” is the ultimate travel bucket list which includes:

  • Some of the most interesting, off-the-beaten-path destinations that I’ve come across during my trips to around 70 countries.
  • Places that can offer you exciting alternatives for leading your life and running your business.
  • Destinations that are interesting in the context of some of the exciting political and economic changes happening worldwide.

(46 pages, PDF, 10.1MB)