After helping over 100 new residents move to Sark, I had to temporarily pause sales to let things settle down a bit. But there is good news:

1) Even after 31 December 2020, there will be “alternative routes” for new residents to move to Sark (incl. for EU, USA, Canadian, Swiss citizens).

2) I will launch a revised and expanded service in 2021.

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Sark Society

Be one of just 500 people to create a new lifestyle for yourself.

Repopulate a “secret” European microstate where properties are standing empty.

A life-changing, time-limited opportunity.

Join me now on the self-governing, independent European island of Sark, and achieve the following for yourself:


Live in a place with stunning scenery and a low-density population.


Pay minimal taxes, and free yourself from excessive government regulation.


Be part of a group of like-minded entrepreneurs, investors, and free thinkers.

I offer you a time-limited opportunity to move to (or invest in) one of Europe’s least-known jurisdictions.

My latest publication will give you an entirely different perspective on the kind of life you could live, even if you aren’t a millionaire – yet.

Here’s a 20-minute video with a young couple whose life has been transformed already (using my advice):

Other websites would charge you a lot of money, even for the following initial information of the opportunity. You are about to receive a relocation consultancy – for free!

The European, English-speaking microstate where you can live free from excessive taxation and government regulation, without fear of violent crime or terrorism, but instead with beautiful scenery and people who share the same old-fashioned values.

I will now tell you about a lifestyle option that you will probably not have heard of before. 

You could make use of this opportunity right now, and at a cost that will be much lower than what you’d expect.

Instead of offering you just a how-to manual, I will introduce you to a group of people who have already adopted this incredible lifestyle change. Together, we will help and support each other in creating the perfect life for ourselves. That includes myself – I will personally assist you in ways that are impossible to put a price tag on.

You’ll get to join a society – quite literally – that can instantaneously transform your life.

Does the following sound almost too good to be true?

Imagine a WESTERN EUROPEAN jurisdiction that offers its residents the following:


An annual one-page tax declaration, which takes two minutes to fill out.


No income tax, no capital gains tax, no inheritance tax, no VAT.


No need to disclose personal income or assets.


Your annual tax is primarily based on the size of the property you own or rent. A family house with a garden will cost you about USD 5,200 (GBP 4,000 / EUR 4,400) in annual tax, a one-bedroom apartment will be closer to USD 1,300 (GBP 1,000 / EUR 1,100).


No accounting requirements for individuals.


No employment law. 


Reasonable regulatory oversight for running businesses that require a license (e.g., financial services, health services, bars).


No obligation to pay into government Ponzi schemes for health or pension.


No contributing to EU wealth redistribution schemes (the jurisdiction is not part of the EU).

Instead, in this jurisdiction you will find that:


Its government is debt-free.


There is no welfare-driven third-world immigration.


You are free to choose from the world’s best private healthcare plans.

Your tax savings will allow you to build a pension pot much faster and retire early.

The government doesn’t collect troves of data about you.


Its culture makes any Anglophile feel right at home, and a dash of French culture adds some additional colour to it.

Simply put, being a resident of this jurisdiction will make you a sovereign individual, not a tax unit that serves a bureaucracy.

You will probably wonder: “Surely it must be difficult and expensive to become a legal resident of this incredible jurisdiction, right?!”

Depending on your personal circumstances, becoming a legal resident can be as easy as renting a place, which starts at USD 900 (GBP 700 / EUR 770) per month. You don’t have to be there full-time either – many residents use it as a base from where they travel, which is entirely legitimate and legal.

The jurisdiction I’m talking about is the island of Sark, located off the coast of Normandy.

It’s the smallest independent State in the British Commonwealth.

As you can see, it even looks beautiful!

Sark avenue
Sark West Coast
Sark cottage
Sark cliffs

As seen in


“Sark Society seeks to double island population”

Financial Times

“Sark: the island that dodged coronavirus”

Spiegel Online

“Die Insel, der Corona nichts anhaben konnte”

Timeout logo

“This tiny, car-free British island is looking for new residents”

Guernsey Press logo

“Sark should have around 650 to 800 people, says Seigneur”

Daily Mail

“Tiny Channel Island of Sark where cars are banned and people travel around in horse and carts starts bid to try and DOUBLE its population of 492”

The Wandering Investor logo

“An island of peace, freedom and prosperity in a sea of tyranny”

CountryLiving logo

“The idyllic car-free island of Sark is looking for 500 new residents”

Insider logo

“A remote, car-free island off the coast of England is hoping to grow its population of 500, and you could be the next resident”

How can such a place exist? What’s the catch?

Sark aerial photo

How can such a place exist? What’s the catch?

You’ll be surprised to hear that Sark is currently looking for up to 500 new residents, to ensure that the island’s community remains viable. That is not me saying this, but the official message given by the Seigneur of Sark, the island’s Head of State, in a local, public meeting.

“Real estate on Sark must cost millions, though?!”, you might ask.

Actually, the opposite is the case.

Terrible demographics have killed the property market, enabling you to strike a bargain. Property prices on the island have dropped about 50% over the past decade. They are now about the same as in London’s zone 3.

At least 150 properties are currently underutilised or even EMPTY – though these bargains won’t remain available for much longer.

There now is a specific trigger for Sark’s property market to get an entirely fresh start. It could happen as soon as November 2020.

For a limited time only and using a whole range of services that I have prepared for you, you can get in just as a new long-term cycle begins.

What does it take to move to Sark?

There are about 500m people in the world who legally qualify to move to Sark tomorrow, if they wanted to:


British citizens

If you have a British passport, you can move there any time you wish (ditto for Commonwealth citizens with the right of abode in the UK).


EU/EEA/Swiss citizens

If you have an EU, EEA or Swiss passport, you can move there without any restriction until 31 December 2020. That’s when the gate will close for “freedom of movement”. For EU/EEA/Swiss citizens, it’s now or never.


Irish citizens

One exception are Irish passport holders. Even after 31 December 2020, Irish citizens can move to Sark without undue restriction.


Other citizens

If you have any other passport (or for EU/EEA/Swiss citizens from 1 January 2021) you do need to get a visa. Besides those 500m people who don’t currently need a permission to move here, everyone else can simply apply for a permit.

You can get any of the following types of permit, all of which come with entirely reasonable requirements:

  • Employment permit
  • Investor visa
  • Entrepreneur visa

Because so many people could easily qualify for a legal Sark residency, I have no doubt that the boat will fill up over the coming two to three years (possibly sooner than that, given COVID-19). They will enjoy one hell of an overall arrangement. Sark’s currently empty properties alone provide space for more than 300 additional people, and that’s before anyone has made an effort to create more living space out of existing properties, such as empty hotels.

Sark gives its residents many freedoms

For example, there is no legal requirement to spend every living day on the island. You can legally use it as a base to travel the world from (which is what I do).

Would you prefer to spend the winter months somewhere warm? You are free to do that, legally. One of the key aspects is to make sure you don’t spend more than 89 days per year in any other country – because that could make you liable for taxes there.

Sark’s residents have the peace of mind knowing that nothing will change dramatically. The unusual legal circumstances of this island have been in place continuously since 1565.

Right now, the concept of moving to Sark is too good to be true indeed.

Rest assured, though, that the current affordable prices are not going to last. Anyone looking for a good deal needs to look RIGHT NOW. Sark’s building restrictions are strict and the island will never accommodate more than 800 to 1,000 people. Currently, we have just under 400 residents. There is space, but not that much.

Plus, for most EU/EEA/Swiss citizens (except the Irish), settling in Sark will become more difficult after 31 December 2020. If you get in before the deadline, you’ll be all set and even have the prospect of claiming Channel Islands citizenship after five years (as good as a British passport, but better). Are you afraid of the EU implementing global taxation? Getting Channel Islands citizenship could be your way out.

After the deadline, British and Irish nationals can continue to move to Sark without restrictions and without the need for a visa.

All the information you’ll ever need – and local access!

You are cordially invited to join my new membership programme:

“Sark Society”

Think of it as a lifestyle community – “Friends of Swen on Sark”.

You could even compare it to the “residency programmes” that are advertised in glossy airplane magazines for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Only that my offer gets you effectively the same but at just 1% of the cost.

It’ll also help you integrate into the existing population. There are plenty of lovely, interesting people living on Sark already!

Membership in the Sark Society offers you the following benefits:


How (and why) to move to Sark“, a >250-page manual to get you started.


Myself personally helping you into the saddle.


 Access to special opportunities (more on this shortly).

The manual represents the single most extensive compendium of information about Sark. It is the only up-to-date manual that offers detailed yet practical, hands-on advice on moving to the island.

After reading the manual, you will already be 80-90% on the way towards becoming a legal resident and community member.

Got questions about the shops and services on Sark? How to best ship furniture? Whether the broadband connection in your new home is fast enough? All of it is included in the manual.

I was able to write it because I am a bona fide Sark resident myself (see me quoted in this August 2020 Financial Times feature article on Sark), and already helped several other people to move here in recent times.

Crucially, though, I’d want you to first consider the following.

Most people should NOT join

Because I live on Sark myself, I have very strong feelings about who should – and should not – move to the island.

After all, the people joining the Sark Society could become my neighbours.

If any of the following applies to you, I regret to inform you that joining my membership programme won’t be for you:


You don’t like the idea of living on a small island.


You don’t like Anglo-Saxon culture.


You can’t imagine integrating yourself into (and respecting) an existing community.


You don’t like the occasional 30-minute boat trip.


You don’t appreciate nature.


You aren’t fit enough to walk or cycle.


You believe that the English Channel is as warm to swim in as the Mediterranean.


You run illicit ventures such as online gambling sites.


You are looking for casinos, hookers, or drug culture.


You are a dick.

Frankly, if a single one of these factors applies to you, please stay well clear of my offer.

Sark is a treasure. I want to find members who are not only keen to make use of Sark’s advantages, but also willing to help protect its uniqueness and contribute to its long-term social, financial, and political sustainability.

Sark desperately needs additional residents, but it needs the right new residents.

If what you have read so far sounded appealing to you, then do keep reading.

The Jewel of the Channel Islands

Sark coupe

People can’t even fathom that a place like Sark still exists.

Many visitors say that seeing it firsthand was an eye-opening experience for them.

Luckily, an initial visit to Sark is guaranteed to be worth it one way or another. On the one hand, it’s not for everyone to live there. On the other hand, no one has ever visited Sark and not said that it’s a beautiful, pleasant, and fascinating place.

Here are just some of Sark’s features:

  • The most hours of sunshine anywhere in the British Isles (same latitude as Paris).
  • A gentle marine climate where it’s hardly ever below zero in winter.
  • Clean, fresh air.
  • Abundant, inexpensive seafood.
  • Fresh, locally-grown produce.
  • Lots of scenic countryside, including two small forests.
  • A network of hiking trails with coastal views.
  • Gorgeous beaches, some even with caves to explore.
  • A choice of restaurants and pubs (Sark gets 60,000 tourists annually).
  • Various tourist services, e.g., bicycle hire, horse riding, and scenic boat trips.
  • Sea-related sports activities such as scuba diving or angling.
  • A line-up of festivals throughout the summer (when there is no global pandemic).
  • A welcoming social scene for those who do want to socialise.
  • Privacy for those who’d rather stick to their own company.

You may have heard of Sark as “the car-free island”. Indeed, cars are not allowed on Sark. People walk or cycle. Deliveries are handled by tractors.

And before you ask, here is the information about…

Sark Coupe

How to get there

Bailwick of Guernsey

COVID-19 travel information (updated 27 September 2020):

Depending on your circumstances, travelling to Sark requires you to self-isolate for either 7 or 14 days. A new regime involving a test at Guernsey airport and a 2-day quarantine may be introduced later in 2020. Please check the official website for the States of Guernsey for updates. Alternatively, as a registered Sark Society member, ask me for up-to-date advice and practical help for organising your visit.

If you live in the UK, Sark is easy to get to.

You fly to Guernsey, the neighbouring island that also forms part of the jurisdiction of the Channel Islands (and which also governs itself). In Guernsey, you take a taxi to the harbour, and board the 45-minute ferry ride to Sark (soon only 30 minutes because of a new, faster boat).

During non-COVID-19 times, there are five flights a day from London-Gatwick to Guernsey. The Channel Islands’ national airline is Aurigny (Best European Short-Haul Airline in 2018). It’s state-owned and Guernsey is a very wealthy island, so there is no risk of bankruptcy.

Additional flight connections exist for some or all parts of the year between Guernsey and London-City, London-Stansted, Manchester, Southend, Southampton, and Bristol. There are also ferries from Poole and Southampton.

Sark itself does not have an airport. The island is quite proud of that fact, and it contributes to the unique way of life. The island’s ferry service to Guernsey runs up to five times a day in summer, and between one and three times on most days in winter.

There are not usually any direct flights from Guernsey to Continental Europe. Sorry folks. You have to travel via the UK.

However, Sark does already have residents from France, Switzerland, Germany, South Africa, Ireland, and a number of Eastern European countries. The added legs of international travelling are by far outweighed by the benefits of living in this quiet, peaceful place.

If the island’s geographical circumstances do sound like a potential fit for you, you might find that it’s the best thing that has ever happened to you. This includes using…

Guernsey currency
Sark telecom tower

Sark as a base for your (Internet) business

There are several Internet entrepreneurs who have moved here recently. For Internet entrepreneurs, in particular, taking up a legal, bona fide residence in Sark is too good a deal not to consider.

The following groups will find Sark to be the perfect operating base:


Entrepreneurs (both online and offline).


Investors who manage their own portfolio.


International consultants.


Retirees with active business interests (non-executive directors, angel investors, etc.).

The island offers an environment that will help you focus on your business and – as a side effect – save you lots of taxes.

Sark is an easy place to set up a business:


Sole trader

No registration required at all, just start operating.

(To operate certain regulated
businesses like finance, medicine,
bars, etc., you do need a license.)


Limited companies

There is no company register, but companies registered anywhere in the world (e.g., British Virgin Islands, Panama, Isle of Man) can operate from Sark. No corporate taxes apply locally.

I’ve made use of most of these advantages myself. Much as I am not licensed to give tax or legal advice, I am allowed to speak about my own experiences.

The entire content of How (and why) to move to Sark, my manual for Sark Society members, is “tried and tested”. I have lived an “international” lifestyle for 25 years, and you can now benefit from my experience and insights.

Use my manual as your “travel guide” (or pay the price)

I’ve already helped very close friends move to Sark. For example, Andrew and Claudine Boast are a late-30s couple from London who moved to the island with their two dogs Muffy and Booby. Andy runs SAM Conveyancing from Sark and continues to employ a team in London, while Claudine works as an English solicitor and builds her new Internet business Employment Law Friend.

Andy and Claudine openly describe their move as “the best decision of our lives“. Also, they are very clear that We couldn’t have done it without you, Swen!

I will let them speak for themselves:

The manual that I provide to my Sark Society members does not just have all the relevant contact details, but also practical insights that make you get the most out of any visit. That way, with a one to three-day visit, you can get a lot done and form a comprehensive view of whether Sark would work for you as a legal residence. With local help and “the right way in”, a lot can be done. 

Of course, members can also meet up with me. That’s part of the membership benefits that I offer. We just need to sync diaries before you book your trip.

Membership benefits of the Sark Society

Membership of the Sark Society gets you a several layers of benefits – none of which you’ll find anywhere else.

Sark Society - How and when to move to Sark

The manual

It’s vital that you get as many of your questions answered in advance as possible.

How (and why) to move to Sark is jampacked with information that will get you off to a good start: 

  • >250 pages (printed on A4 format in a ring binder).
  • Copies of the most important forms and source documents.
  • Hard copies only, to make this truly exclusive.

Even though it’s in print, the manual will be a living document: Occasionally, when new information comes out or if I update and expand a chapter, I’ll send you the pages to print out and add to your copy (hence the ring binder!).

You may ask, though: “What if I have any other questions and concerns?

As a Sark Society member, you can also…

Pick my brain

Pick my brain

If there is a question that my manual left unanswered, I’ll pick up the phone for you, or put my boots on. I will do my best to find out information for you locally.

This excludes personal legal and tax advice, which I am not licensed to provide.

However, since I know many an anecdote about Sark life, there is a lot I can tell you simply in my role as chronicler.

Last but FAR from least, you’ll also get to enjoy a third layer of membership benefits.

Cheat sheet

Special opportunities that I’ll pass to Sark Society members

Needless to say, as the number of Sark Society members grows, there’ll be all sorts of other opportunities arising as a result.

You can expect benefits of the following kind:

  • New properties becoming available on Sark? I’ll be sure to let you know before they are advertised publicly. 
  • Club deals among members? I bet a few people will end up sharing ownership of a boat to enjoy lunches in France. My membership programme will get the right people together. 
  • Business introductions from member to member. Another obvious winner. 

I’d like your move to Sark be just the first step towards creating a new life for yourself. 

Speaking of all these benefits, you may wonder…

Why does it only cost USD 1,650 to join the Sark Society?

I am the first to admit that the Sark Society membership is actually way too cheap.

The current price is a one-off payment of just USD 1,650 (GBP 1,250 / EUR 1,400).

It should be priced at USD 5,000. Or maybe USD 10,000.

That would still be a lot less than what it would cost you to research all this information by yourself or hire a professional advisor to do so.

The information contained in How (and why) to move to Sark alone can save you hundreds of thousands or even millions in taxes.

Never mind the benefits you will get as member of a group of like-minded people.

You could also use your membership to make profitable real estate investments, given the upcoming “Sark Property Law Reform” that I am the first to write about. In November 2020, Sark’s real estate law will see its biggest reform since 1607 – which will send prices flying. You could position yourself for that while prices are still low. Prices would have to double just to reach the level they were at in 2007! It wouldn’t surprise me if property prices in Sark rose by a factor of two to four over the coming five years.

“First movers” – no pun intended – could also benefit from finding special opportunities outside of real estate. Sark has a few apparent niches for people potentially setting up a new business. I’ll publish a separate article about this sometime (and Sarkees are welcome to email me their ideas!). 

Plus, plus, plus….

You can currently get in on this opportunity for USD 1,650 (GBP 1,250 / EUR 1,400). The current price is already an increase compared to the first batch that was released in August 2020 – and further price hikes are on the horizon. The longer you wait, the more expensive it gets – both the membership and the entire Sark opportunity itself.

How to join

The Sark Society is now open for membership.

Over 80 members have joined so far, and already snapped up properties on Sark. I am working flat out to help everyone realise their plans. There is strong demand, and the boat will fill up!

If you are considering the Sark opportunity, my advice is not to wait too long. Waiting makes it neither easier nor cheaper.

Membership is currently available at a one-off fee of USD 1,650 (GBP 1,250 / EUR 1,400).

Just to recap, as a Sark Society member you’ll receive:

  • A copy of “How (and why) to move to Sark
  • Access to personal advice from Swen
  • Regular updates and special opportunities, such as new property alerts, business introductions, etc.

If you’d like to get in on this opportunity, please purchase a membership via my online shop (or contact me first if you have any further questions).