Become an affiliate

Do you own a website or blog, or have a social media profile? You could be earning extra money by becoming an affiliate to my “Sark Society” membership programme.

The Sark Society affiliate programme is a way for me to reward you for any sales made from traffic you’ve sent to the membership’s site.

How it works 

It’s easy and free to join:

  1. Contact me to apply.
  2. Promote my membership programme Sark Society to your audience.
  3. Visitors follow the links you provide to and purchase a membership.
  4. Receive commission from sales made via that link each month.

Your affiliate marketing income from the Sark Society could build up to become a significant royalty payment. I value long-term relationships, both with my members and my affiliates.

Affiliates gain complete transparency over the traffic and sales, and can manage their affiliate account online.

Anyone can join*

All you need is your own website, blog or social media profile.

You can promote the Sark Society in whatever way works best for you – a link on your blog, a banner, a blog and/or social media post, through your newsletter, or any combination of methods.

I am also open to producing joint videos or similar content, if our respective content allows.

* Each application is vetted and I reserve the right to refuse any application without giving any reason.

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