Galapagos Islands luxury cruise for friends and readers


30 October – 6 November 2021 (German-language tour)


6 – 13 November 2021 (English-language tour)


Organised by myself, based on my local insider knowledge. 

Discover unlimited beauty

Mingling with Darwin’s giant tortoises and marine iguanas a once-in-a-lifetime trip!

The Galapagos Islands are regularly ranked “The world’s no. 1 island destination“. They are one of the last untouched places on earth, featuring unique animals that you will not get to see anywhere else. Best of all, the animals aren’t afraid of humans. As the saying goes: “In the Galapagos Islands, you don’t observe animals, you mingle with them!”

26 friends and readers joined my most recent cruise around the islands in 2021 (the eighth trip to the Galapagos that I’ve organised so far).

Over 7 days, we experienced the best that Galapagos has to offer. Sailing on a 4 ½ star boat, we were accompanied by some of the islands’ best naturalist guides (handpicked by myself, out of all 800 local guides).

The overall experience was just mind-blowing, and many new friendships were formed. Having lived in the Galapagos for four years, I shared some secrets that no one else dares to say out loud!

Discover unlimited beauty

Iguana on rock

What was the trip about?

Discovering unlimited beauty with a group of likeminded people.


The group

A total of 26 travellers from the UK, US and Germany (among others) – a healthy mix of fund managers, private investors, and entrepreneurs. Some brought their partners along.

We formed two groups: the German-language tour kicked off while the English-language tour followed a week later.

The concept of spending a week with likeminded people instead of random tourists yet again paid off: many new friendships were formed, and some may end up doing business and investment projects together.


The guides

Having the right guide is the make-or-break factor for any Galapagos trip. We were lucky enough to spend 12 hours of each day in the company of some of the islands’ best naturalist guides – both handpicked by myself.

For the English-language group, I’ve secured a guide who usually gets booked by West Coast billionaires and similar celebrity clients. He is a legend and insiders have long agreed that he is the no. 1 guide out of all 800!

For the German-language group, I have roped in the most experienced guide for German-speaking visitors who has lived in the Galapagos for nearly 30 years (and we were even neighbours when I lived there, too!).


The itinerary

The archipelago is too big to see everything on a single trip, but we squeezed as much into our week as possible!

Each of the two itineraries had participants see some of the Crown Jewels of the Galapagos. The English-language group toured the Eastern half of the archipelago while the German-language group sailed to the West – both equally spectacular.

On the trips, we spotted mating albatrosses, nesting blue-footed boobies, and sea lion babies on the beaches. With equipment for snorkelling, kayaking and other activities onboard, there was no shortage of things to do.

Galapagos trip 2021

Snapshots from the trip

Galapagos trip 2021
Galapagos trip 2021
Galapagos trip 2021
Galapagos trip 2021
Galapagos trip 2021
Galapagos trip 2021
Galapagos trip 2021
Galapagos trip 2021

Interested in similar events?

The Galapagos Islands are worth visiting over and over again.

This was the eighth trip that I’ve organised for friends and readers – and I am currently considering whether to organise similar trips in the future.

Any potential future trips will be published on this website.

Want to get ahead of the crowd? Drop me an email to register your interest.