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Historic newspapers

Bawl Street Journal


The Bawl Street Journal is a parody of the Wall Street Journal. I wrote about it in my July 2020 “Blogs to watch” article on

First published in 1919, its annual issue consisted of

  • Articles poking fun at current events and whatever insanity had befallen its era.
  • Countless spoof ads taken out by Wall Street firms.
  • Anything else entertaining at the time.

Sadly, the Bawl Street Journal ceased publishing in 2019. Any historical print editions are difficult to get hold of.

I’ve managed to scoop up several issues from an antique book vendor. You can select from rare editions from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s.

(Wordwide shipping fee: $10)



Reisenotizen eines Börsenprofis 2006


The first one of my two German-language books: “Reisennotizen eines Börsenprofis”. This edition took readers on a whirlwind tour around the globe, with pitstops in Monte-Carlo, Moscow, Geneva, the Channel Islands, and other exotic places. In each of these destinations, the question was: “Will Swen discover any lucrative investment opportunities on the local stock market?”

Reisenotizen eines Börsenprofis 2007


As the German publisher put it: “The cult author, Swen Lorenz, has yet again travelled 200,000 km to hunt for undervalued investments in the far-end corners of the globe. Readers can expect the usual mix of captivating investment research mixed with colourful anecdotes about his adventures in foreign lands.