“How (and why) to move to Sark”

No longer available.

On this website, you were able to purchase “How (and why) to move to Sark”, a digital handbook to help people relocate to the island of Sark.

In 2020, this publication led to an unprecedented number of people moving to Sark within just a few months. This was highly advantageous for the island at the time because:

  • About 20% of the inhabitable real estate stock was empty, and landlords were hurting. This included retirees who relied on rental income for their pension.
  • Local businesses didn’t have enough trade, and the local supermarket was at risk of shutting down. The immediate influx of new customers boosted these businesses.
  • It helped to improve the catastrophic demographics of the island, which at the time had deteriorated to a point where the average age was >60 years.
  • Sark got more taxpayers, and indirect revenue for the government such as more customers for the government-owned ferry company.

Check out this feature from the Guernsey Press to read more about how it all unfolded.

Since then, a lot has changed:

  • The UK has left the European Union, which changed who can easily move to Sark.
  • Sark’s habitable housing stock is now full, and there is a shortage of housing.
  • A large estate has come up for sale, and the sale of this estate will likely change the dynamics of the island in a significant way.

One previous purchaser called the handbook “the Bible for anyone wanting to move to Sark“. This was true at the time, but the book is now also partially outdated. Not just because the world has changed, but also because I’ve made some learnings that would require me to re-write significant parts.

Sark now has a steady stream of prospective new residents, without me being involved. British and Irish citizens can move to Sark without restrictions, but everyone else requires a visa. I don’t think Sark is a viable destination nowadays for anyone but British and Irish citizens.

I have therefore stopped selling How (and why) to move to Sark.

There may be a new Sark-related service or product at a later stage. Right now, though, I am no longer available to help with Sark-related immigration issues.

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Best regards

Swen Lorenz