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I will help you build a business and grow the income you need to have a fulfilled, successful career and achieve true personal freedom. Based on how I achieved the same for myself.
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Free 44-page eBook about fundraising

Free 44-page eBook about fundraising

Hot off the press: You can now download my free 44-page eBook about fundraising called “10 Reasons why your Fundraising WILL fail – the hard truths no one else is telling you about”.

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Free eBooks for my readers

These eBooks delve deeper into subjects that are of interest to my readers.

So far, I have published two eBooks:

“10 reasons why your Fundraising WILL fail – the hard truths no one else is telling you about” (44 pages)

Having been involved in raising over $300m for a variety of purposes – from start-ups to publicly listed companies – I have summarised my experiences. Don’t be misled by the title, it’s an eBook with a can-do attitude and aimed at making you successful.

“10 places I recommend you visit during your lifetime” (46 pages)

These are places that offer you exciting alternatives for leading your life or running your business, and are quite simply outstanding travel destinations.

A 3rd eBook will come out in August. Watch this space or subscribe to my email alert to receive a heads-up when it is published.

None of my eBooks requires a pesky registration for download, and I am only too happy if you share them with others.

10 reasons why your fundraising will fail

10 destinations


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