“How (and why) to move to Sark”

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Escape excessive taxation and regulation, violent crime and terror.

Digital handbook, personal advice and exclusive opportunities.

Are you longing for a life like the olden days?

Start a new life on the self-governing, independent European island of Sark, and achieve the following for yourself:

Live in a place with stunning scenery and a low-density population.

Enjoy minimal bureaucracy and minimal taxes.

Be part of a group of like-minded entrepreneurs, investors, free thinkers, writers, and artists.

You could make use of this opportunity right now, and at a cost that will be much lower than what you’d expect.

How (and why) to move to Sark will give you an entirely different perspective on the kind of life you could live, even if you aren’t a millionaire – yet.

“This book is a bible. So helpful!”

A previous buyer who moved to Sark in December 2020

Does the following sound almost too good to be true?

Imagine a WESTERN EUROPEAN jurisdiction that offers its residents the following:


An annual one-page tax declaration, which takes two minutes to fill out.


No income tax, no capital gains tax, no inheritance tax, no VAT.


No need to disclose personal income or assets.


Your annual tax is primarily based on the size of the property you own or rent. Most people (and families) on Sark pay an annual tax between GBP 1,500 (EUR 1,700 / USD 2,050) and GBP 5,000 (EUR 5,675 / USD 6,825).


No accounting requirements for individuals.


No employment law. 


Reasonable regulatory oversight for starting businesses that require a license (e.g., financial services require a license via the Guernsey Financial Services Commission).


No obligation to pay into government Ponzi schemes for health or pension.


No contributing to EU wealth redistribution schemes (the jurisdiction was never part of the EU).

Instead, in this jurisdiction you will find that:


Its government is debt-free (and has cash in the bank).


There is no welfare-driven third-world immigration.


You are free to choose from the world’s best private healthcare plans.

Your tax savings will allow you to build a pension pot much faster and retire early.

The government doesn’t collect troves of data about you.


It feels like the UK in the olden days, with a dash of French culture.

Simply put, being a resident of this jurisdiction will make you a sovereign individual, not a tax unit that serves a bureaucracy.

The jurisdiction I’m talking about is the island of Sark, located off the coast of Normandy. It’s the smallest independent State in the British Commonwealth.

Your one-stop-shop for moving to Sark

If you are looking to take up residence on this beautiful island, look no further than How (and why) to move to Sark.

It’s the single best source of information about moving to Sark that you can find out there – and it’s proven to work! In 2020, over 100 new residents from 19 countries used How (and why) to move to Sark to register on Sark.

At USD 699, How (and why) to move to Sark is the single best investment you can make to prepare your move. No expensive lawyers required. Never mind the hundreds of thousands or even millions in taxes that you could save!

You’ll also get much more than “just” a book. How (and why) to move to Sark comes with a host of benefits that you won’t find anywhere else.

How (and why) to move to Sark

Digital handbook

How (and why) to move to Sark is jampacked with over 300 pages of information:

  • Practical tips about “getting things done” ahead of your move.
  • Important background on how to apply for the visa programmes.
  • Copies of the most important forms and source documents.

Download the table of contents (PDF, 1.3MB)

The handbook is currently in its second, revised and expanded edition, incorporating valuable feedback from our new residents. It should give you the answer to at least 99% of your questions. It even comes with a foreword by the Seigneur, Sark’s Head of State.

Ask my team

Personal advice

If you need to fill in a few blanks that the digital handbook hasn’t answered already, I’ll be happy to answer some of your more specific questions (within reason).

This excludes personal legal and tax advice, which I am not licensed to provide. If you needed an international tax consultant who is well-versed in the kinds of questions you’d normally ask, you will find contact details in my handbook.

Cheat sheet

Exclusive opportunities

I regularly provide my clients with information that is not available anywhere else, such as new properties becoming available on Sark. Places to rent (and buy) are usually scarce; as a client, you’ll hear about them before they are advertised publicly.

Can YOU move to Sark?

Do you qualify to live on Sark? This kind of depends on your nationality – there are entry hurdles for some of you.

UK and Irish nationals

If you are British or Irish, you can move to Sark any time you wish. Just rent a place and register locally – that’s it.

In theory at least!

“Just rent a place” might be easier than it sounds, given that Sark is a tiny island with a limited supply of properties. As a buyer of How (and why) to move to Sark, you’ll often hear about available properties BEFORE they are advertised publicly.

EU/EEA/Swiss nationals with pre-settled or settled status

If you are an EU/EEA/Swiss national who’s successfully applied to the EU Settlement Scheme, you can also move to Sark any time you wish.

There might be a couple of extra preparations that you’ll need to make in order to fully settle on Sark and become a permanent resident. How (and why) to move to Sark contains all the information you’ll need to help you avoid any potential pitfalls.

Everyone else

If you are a national of another country, or don’t have indefinite leave to remain in the UK, you can apply for several visa categories (entrepreneur visa, writers, composers and artists visa), or a work permit.

The entry hurdles are still comparatively low relative to comparable jurisdictions, and anyone from anywhere in the world can apply and (once approved) move to Sark.

How (and why) to move to Sark outlines all immigration options in much detail. It’s a complex matter, which is why I’ve dedicated an entire chapter to it. As a buyer of How (and why) to move to Sark, I’ll also keep you in the loop about upcoming employment opportunities, and any changes in immigration rules.

My “2020 Sark repopulation initiative” as seen in


“Sark Society seeks to double island population”

Financial Times

“Sark: the island that dodged coronavirus”

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“This tiny, car-free British island is looking for new residents”

Guernsey Press logo

“Sark should have around 650 to 800 people, says Seigneur”

Daily Mail

“Tiny Channel Island of Sark where cars are banned and people travel around in horse and carts starts bid to try and DOUBLE its population of 492”

The Wandering Investor logo

“An island of peace, freedom and prosperity in a sea of tyranny”

Insider logo

“A remote, car-free island off the coast of England is hoping to grow its population of 500, and you could be the next resident”

Conde Nast Traveler logo

“The British island of Sark is looking for new residents: would you move to paradise?”

How to use Sark for yourself

The following groups will find Sark to be the perfect operating base:

Entrepreneurs (both online and offline).

Investors who manage their own portfolio.

International consultants.

Non-executive directors.

Angel investors.

The island offers an environment that will help you focus on your business and – as a side effect – save you lots of taxes.

Sark is an easy place to set up a business:

Sole trader

No registration required at all, just start operating.

(To operate certain regulated businesses., you do need a license. E.g., check the website of the Guernsey Financial Services Commission for financial services regulation.)

Limited companies

Companies registered anywhere in the world (e.g., British Virgin Islands, Panama, Isle of Man) can operate from Sark (there is no company register on Sark itself). No corporate taxes apply locally.

How (and why) to move to Sark also points you towards the best professional advisors in the Channel Islands for more complex issues, such as forming trusts or dealing with multi-jurisdiction tax set-ups.

Sark as a real estate investment opportunity

You could also use How (and why) to move to Sark to make profitable real estate investments.

Following Sark’s recent property law reform, property prices could easily double, triple or quadruple over the coming five years. “First movers” – no pun intended – are going to get the best deals.

Meet some of those who’ve taken the plunge already

Andy and Claudine Boast, entrepreneurs

Andy and Claudine Boast are a young couple from the UK whose life has been transformed entirely by moving to Sark.

Watch my 20-minute video interview for details:

Keegan Smith, Internet entrepreneur

Australian-born Keegan Smith is a 37-year old fitness professional and online entrepreneur who moved to Sark in October 2020, joined by his wife Katharina and their two children.

Keegan Smith case study

What has Keegan got to say about Sark?

“We are planning to live here indefinitely. I’ve never felt more at home! I’d love to have a house here and be part of the community for the rest of my days. The tax optimisation aspect is simply an increasingly important bonus.

On the one hand, Sark is small. However, while exploring the island, you discover so many caves, tracks and beaches that there will always be mysteries here. Same with the people. There are less than 1,000 but how many people can you really know well and meet often? The majority have a pioneering spirit and an inspiring creative endeavour.

The stunning beauty of Sark is beyond words. The island is also a far cry from a third world location like many other “business haven” options. People happily pay £100-£500 (!) a night to stay here during peak tourist season.

Cutting to the chase you might be wondering…

  1. What’s it like to work on Sark?
  2. Can you run a business from there?
  3. Is Sark a stimulating place to work from?


  1. GREAT!
  2. Yes.
  3. YES!

There are 100 (!) new financially independent individuals, couples and families settling on Sark right now. But before you worry about it becoming “too commercial”, you have to know that new development is restricted. 800 to 1,000 people is the island’s maximum population.

There are simply no barriers to online business success from Sark.

If you’re an open-minded innovator searching for freedom and opportunity, you should definitely consider life on Sark.

Looking out from my ocean view office, next to a thriving duck pond, I can’t imagine being happier anywhere else.”

Keegan helps 5- and 6-figure health and performance businesses to 7-figures and supports strength coaches in developing a world class service (RealMVMT Mentorship and Real Incomes Fellowship), and is only too happy to meet new Sark residents and brainstorm about online businesses and self-development.

Jewel of the Channel Islands

Sark coupe

People can’t even fathom that a place like Sark still exists. No one has ever visited the island and not said that it’s a beautiful, pleasant, and fascinating place.

Here are just some of Sark’s features:

  • The most hours of sunshine anywhere in the British Isles (same latitude as Paris).
  • A gentle marine climate where it’s hardly ever below zero in winter.
  • Clean, fresh air.
  • Abundant, inexpensive seafood.
  • Fresh, locally-grown produce.
  • Lots of scenic countryside, including two small forests.
  • A network of hiking trails with coastal views.
  • Gorgeous beaches, some even with caves to explore.
  • A choice of restaurants and pubs (Sark gets 60,000 tourists annually).
  • Various tourist services, e.g., bicycle hire, horse riding, and scenic boat trips.
  • Sea-related sports activities such as scuba diving or angling.
  • A line-up of festivals throughout the summer (when there is no global pandemic).
  • A welcoming social scene for those who do want to socialise.
  • Privacy for those who’d rather stick to their own company.
  • A car-free island. People either walk or cycle, and deliveries are handled by tractors.

And it’s easy to get there, too – at least from the UK.

Sark Coupe

This 6-minute video will give you a first-hand impression of life on Sark.

Do you really NEED the handbook to move to Sark?

“Why do I actually need How (and why) to move to Sark?“, you might ask.

You could certainly do most of the research yourself by:

  • Hiring lawyers.
  • Engaging tax advisors.
  • Spending weeks on Google, government websites and other information sources.

Do you really NEED the handbook to move to Sark?

Sark Island aerial
“Why do I actually need How (and why) to move to Sark?“, you might ask.

You could certainly do most of the research yourself by:

  • Hiring lawyers.
  • Engaging tax advisors.
  • Spending weeks on Google, government websites and other information sources.

My guess is you’d end up spending the equivalent of GBP 10,000 to compile all this information yourself, and it would take at least four weeks of your time.

And you’d STILL be missing out!

As a bona fide Sark resident myself, I’ll give you access to information which you are guaranteed not to find online:

  • Upcoming housing options on Sark that aren’t listed with the local real estate agent? In 2020, when supply through the agent started to run out, I procured over 30 (!) rental properties for my clients that weren’t publicly advertised. In 2021, my clients already signed contracts for over 20 properties that I pointed out to them before anyone else heard of them.
  • Access to “special investment opportunities” that qualify you for the investor visa? You will be the first to know.
  • Upcoming changes to immigration regulations? Because of my local contacts, you will get a headstart.

Don’t underestimate how valuable it is to have a compendium of information from a local and subject matter expert. My cohort of existing clients (over 120 people since August 2020) will testify to that.

Do you have ANY questions or concerns left that keep you from ordering?

Do send me an email. I reply to every single email myself (and I won’t charge you for this reply!).