Reisenotizen eines Börsenprofis 2006 – eBook


The first one of my two German-language books: “Reisennotizen eines Börsenprofis”. This edition took readers on a whirlwind tour around the globe, with pitstops in Monte-Carlo, Moscow, Geneva, the Channel Islands, and other exotic places. In each of these destinations, the question was: “Will Swen discover any lucrative investment opportunities on the local stock market?”

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Swen Lorenz


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This book launched my career as high-profile journalist with a foible for combining travelling and investment research. It led to numerous TV interviews, magazine articles, and a cult-like following that asked for the next instalment!

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The book is sold out and nowadays quite difficult to get hold of. The book retailed for EUR 24.80, and hard copies that surface on Amazon often ask for EUR 200. By arrangement with my publisher, I can now make the soft copy of the book available to readers of my blog. You will receive the PDF file that was sent to the printer back in the days.

Surprisingly, even after all those years, readers who bought it recently still enjoyed burying themselves in my travel notes.