Reisenotizen eines Börsenprofis 2007 – eBook


As the German publisher put it: “The cult author, Swen Lorenz, has yet again travelled 200,000 km to hunt for undervalued investments in the far-end corners of the globe. Readers can expect the usual mix of captivating investment research mixed with colourful anecdotes about his adventures in foreign lands.

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Swen Lorenz


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By popular demand, I launched a second German-language book in 2007. It took its readers to the Central Asia, India, Africa, Central and South America, the Midwest of the US, and back to London as well as the Channel Islands.

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The book is sold out and nowadays difficult to get hold of. The book retailed for EUR 24.80, and hard copies that surface on Amazon often ask for EUR 200. By arrangement with my publisher, I can now make the soft copy of the book available to readers of my blog. You will receive a professionally made scan of the book as a PDF file; please note there'll be minor compromises on quality.

Surprisingly, even after all those years, readers who bought it recently still enjoyed burying themselves in my travel notes.