Selection of articles and TV / videos where my work has appeared

Financial Times – How To Spend It

Probably the most flattering piece I will have ever written about myself. This appeared as a 4-page feature in the How to Spend It magazine in 2014.

(PDF – 2.3MB)

Inside the Wave – IWC Aquatimer 2014 – SIHH Recap

To mark the launch of the new Aquatimer collection at the 2014 SIHH watch show in Geneva, 800 guests and Friends of the Brand experienced a unique, specially made setting that simulated the world both above and below the ocean surface.

Relaunch of Master Investor Show

The Master Investor Show was relaunched under my leadership. This is a 3 minute summary video of the event.


I recently enjoyed my 30th (!) dinner with They bring entrepreneurial people together for curated dinner discussions. One of my favourite things in London! This fun, short interview I did with their blog describes it all in a bit more detail. 

El Colono, Ecuador

The local newspaper of the Galapagos Islands reporting in 2009 about the vocational school I helped set up and fun together with two good friends, Vasco von Baselli and Pablo Guerrero. Note how they turned me into an ‘English banker’. I am neither English nor a banker!

(PDF – 162KB)

GKillCity, Ecuador

When I was fired from the Charles Darwin Foundation, a public spat ensued and I published this article on a leading Ecuadorian news blog. It became this well-known website’s third most often read article ever.

(PDF – 65KB)

Explore the Galapagos Islands with Google Maps

In partnership with the Galapagos National Park, The Charles Darwin Foundation, and Catlin Seaview Survey, we traveled to the archipelago to collect 360-degree Street View imagery.

Guest Lecture at Loughborough University

Giving a guest lecture for the Corporate Governance – Start-ups module offered on the MSc Entrepreneurship, Finance and Innovation course at Loughborough University. Touching on the importance of governance in day-to-day operations, how good governance can foster innovation and successful fundraising, and how it all compares to running a business as a “sole trader” without a board being involved.

GQ Germany

The German issue of GQ Magazine publishing an 8-page article about my work in the Galapagos Islands and the partnership with IWC Watches.

(PDF – 2.5MB)

Vanity Fair UK

The UK issue of Vanity Fair, summarising some of the projects I have managed in the Galapagos Islands and (once again) mentioning IWC Watches.

(PDF – 1.6MB)

The next generation – BBC Environment

BBC wildlife show ‘Lonesome George and the Battle to Save Galapagos’ investigates the importance of a strong environmental education for the next generation of native islanders to ensure a safe future for the environmentally fragile Galapagos Islands.

Swen Lorenz on Brexit

Why do I support Brexit? Campaign video produced by the team of Leave.EU.

Private Eye

The UK’s no. 1 satire magazine published an investigative report about the hostile take-over attempt at Savoy Asset Management. I was involved on the side of the shareholders that pressed for changes. Savoy subsequently fled into the arms of a White Knight, which resolved the issues in a lucrative way.

(PDF – 888KB)

La Prensa Nicaragua

This Nicaraguan newspaper published a report on defaulted Cuban Debt, an area that I have a long-standing interest in and about which I was interviewed.

(PDF – 409KB)

Rouge Bunny Rouge

Russian beauty blog about the luxury cosmetics brand that I created together with friends and which we launched in the Russian market in 2005. It subsequently grew to over 300 Points-of-Sales worldwide and became part of the LVMH group of companies.


This blog wrote what was the best and most in-depth article about the Master Investor Show.

(PDF – 636KB)

Der Aktionaer

Leading German investment magazine, Der Aktionaer, interviewing me about my travelling and how I find interesting investments along the way. This is 2006 vintage but the approach hasn’t change since then.

(PDF – 110KB)

National Geographic

One of my favourite publications in the world, National Geographic, reporting about my work in conservation, tourism, and World Heritage Site management.

Financial Times

An endorsement that I humbly admit I am fairly proud of. Printed in the world’s favourite pink paper.

Scientific American

Scientific American taking a look at the developments in the Galapagos Islands back in 2014.


The US’ foremost science magazine reporting about some of the issues I encountered when managing a scientific organisation in a hyper-corrupt third world country.


The only internationally known Chinese newspaper featuring some of my work related to the partnership with IWC Watches.

The Economist

The playing card set shown in this Economist article has by now become a collectors item! I had very much enjoyed creating it in collaboration with a French illustrator.

The Washington Post

This article was on the cover page of the Washington Post. It lead to huge global interest, and also triggered donations and cheques raining down on the organisation that it reported about.

Fairly extensive – but German – interview about an activist case I represented in 2010/11.

Der Spiegel

Germany’s largest news magazine is also Europe’s largest news magazine (who’d have thought?). They reported about some of my work in the Galapagos Islands.

Neue Zuercher Zeitung

Switzerland’s no. 1 newspaper reporting about my buying a public Swiss company together with a UK-based family office.

Good Impact

Impact investing, business modelling for charities, and new funding mechanisms to help save the world. German publication “Good Impact” did an extensive interview with me.

Die Welt

German newspaper “Die Welt” reporting about conservation in the Galapagos Islands.


German diving magazine, Tauchen, reporting my views on ocean conservation, sharks and responsibly enjoying nature.

(PDF – 906KB)


When I was 16, I sold a computer game to Germany’s then leading “home computer” magazine. The game simulated managing a country as President, with a strong slant towards fiscal responsibility.

(PDF – 4.2MB)

Mr Mr

Hong Kong men’s style magazine with an extensive write-up about new luxury watches that were launched by IWC Watches when I was working with them as Brand Ambassador.

(PDF – 714KB)


The iconic magazine of IWC Watches dedicating its cover story to our joint efforts in protecting the Galapagos Islands. The magazine sadly was later discontinued in favour of digital media, I really miss it!

(PDF – 1.7MB)

Diners Club

The credit card company’s magazine for elite customers reporting on some of the travel experiences that are possible in the Galapagos Islands. I had their travel correspondent on the island, she had a great time!

(PDF – 2.3MB)


The magazine for premium members of Diners Club in Japan providing an overview of the work I was involved with in science and conservation.

(PDF – 2.3MB)