Free 44-page eBook about fundraising

Free 44-page eBook about fundraising
17 July 2019

10 reasons why your fundraising will fail You can now download my free 44-page eBook about fundraising (PDF, 8.9MB).

To give it a slightly different angle, I have named it:

“10 Reasons why your Fundraising WILL fail –
the hard truths no one else is telling you about”

While writing it, I realised that over the past 25 years, I have been involved in raising over USD 300m. It’s often only when you start to write something down, that it dawns upon you just how much work you have already done in a particular area.

It was huge fun for me to write this eBook, because I felt that I can now finally offer my readers a proper “download” of everything have learned about fundraising.

Hopefully, you will find it both useful and enjoyable.

Please view it as just one man’s opinion and experience, and read widely about other peoples’ view of fundraising efforts and strategies before you embark on your own journey.

Also, don’t hesitate to forward it to any of your friends and professional contacts who you feel could benefit from it. My free content is supposed to be shared, and I also enjoy getting feedback from readers old and new.

Please download your copy here.

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