Highlights from this year’s Sark Opera (6-min video)

Highlights from this year’s Sark Opera (6-min video)
11 December 2019

Back in September, I helped organise the Sark Opera on the tiny, independently-governed island that I call home.

Boasting a unique line-up of operatic songs, the festival was a sell-out success.

If you’ve missed it (or equally, want to refresh your memories), here’s a 6-minute video that captures the weekend’s highlights:

You can also read up on features published by The Spectator and the London-Unattached blog.

The event received support from a lot of wonderful people and organisations:

I am personally grateful to all of those supporters, as well as countless others who generously contributed their expertise.

The event also single-handedly injected GBP 50,000 into the island’s tourism economy, and procured resources from local providers whenever possible.

In 2020, I’ll organise another event of some kind on Sark. Stay tuned for more. Subscribers of this website will be the first to hear about it.

P.S.: I am in the process of organising yet another excursion to the Galapagos Islands (following half a dozen previous trips). There MAY be a few spaces available for readers. If you’d like to register your interest, please drop me an email. I’ll then send you details if or when I have spaces available and a concrete package to look at.

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