Sark trip – visit me 6-8 September 2019

Sark trip – visit me 6-8 September 2019
5 April 2019

Many of my readers regularly ask me about visiting Sark, the independent, 600-resident island in the British Channel that I call home.

Sark is famous for:

  • The world’s most minimalist tax regime. It has a 1-page tax return, there is no need to disclose your actual income, and the highest tax anyone on the island has to pay is GBP 7,000 per year (though most pay less than half that amount).
  • Ideal base for investors. There is no capital gains tax on Sark. You can easily use any and all services provided by other offshore centers, whether it’s Guernsey, Switzerland or Singapore. There aren’t any inheritance taxes either.
  • Legislation that is extremely advantageous for entrepreneurs. Sark has no Employment Law (i.e., no disgruntled ex-employees suing you), there is no VAT, and high-speed data connections make it ideal to run a tax-free online business.
  • A great lifestyle if you like nature. Sark is car-free, it has miles of unspoilt coast, and any local meat/fish/vegetables you buy will not have travelled further than a few hundred yards from production to your plate.
  • Old-style sovereignty and individual liberty. The island has a 400-year old unique system of self-governance as Crown Dependency, including its own parliament and legislation. Sark is neither part of the UK nor a member of the EU, but it has an open border with the UK and it benefits from a 1973 Association Agreement with the EU.

If you are interested in a truly unique visit to the smallest independent state of the British Commonwealth, then now is your chance.

During the weekend of 6-8 September 2019, I will be co-hosting a group trip that offers a range of experiences you are guaranteed not to find available anywhere else.

This includes meeting our Head of State, the 23rd Seigneur of Sark, Christopher Beaumont.

For the purpose of this trip, I have organised the best that Sark has to offer:

  • Our group will take over one of the most beautiful hotels of the island in its entirety.
  • A range of activities for you to choose from, including a variety of guided hikes and a visit to Sark’s brand-new gin distillery.
  • Two unique concerts, where world-class (!) singers will put on an informal, fun performance of operatic songs – unlike anything else you have ever seen before! One of these two concerts will be at the Seigneur’s private residence, with champagne, nibbles, a private tour of the historic building.
  • Joint dinners and lots of opportunities to learn about this unique island.

A close friend from London and I are pooling our respective networks for this event. This way everyone gets to meet interesting, like-minded people that they otherwise would not have met. Interesting company and useful new contacts are both guaranteed!

Sark is also interesting from a property investment perspective. Prices are down 50% (!) over the past ten years, primarily because of a combined political/economic/demographic crisis. I have seen one property change hands at 30% of replacement costs! During your visit, you’ll learn why the Sark property market is likely to turn around and stage a comeback over the coming years.

I also want to use this trip to show-case the kind of high-quality tourism that has now become possible on Sark, which is why we will probably have some UK national media travelling within the group and reporting about the weekend.

This is a one-off event and it is guaranteed to sell out. Because I am one of the organisers, I wanted to offer the first available spaces upfront to my friends, professional network, and readers.

The price for the trip is GBP 950 per person in a double room, excluding flights. We are selling this at cost, i.e., no margin for the organisers. Singles are just as welcome but have to pay a room supplement of GBP 300. There is a possibility to extend, e.g., you can also spend a day or two exploring Guernsey (or Jersey) on the way in or out, or you could continue onwards to Normandy.

There are six flights a day from London-Gatwick to Guernsey, and one flight a day from London-Heathrow to Guernsey. From Guernsey airport all further transport to Sark will be arranged for you.

If you would like to learn more, you can download a 5-page PDF document that includes the itinerary and other details.

Among the many trips I have organised for readers in the past, it was two islands that proved the most popular: the Galapagos Islands (6 trips), and Sark (5 trips). Not a single visitor to either of these two destinations ever said that they did not have a great time. Though I have never before organised such a high-end Sark trip before, and I expect it to be sold out well ahead of time.

The first spaces are already sold. I’d be delighted if you were to join us, and please do not hesitate to contact me for any further questions.

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