“Corona kills woke” – new eBook for free download

“Corona kills woke” – new eBook for free download
15 May 2020

Corona kills woke cover In November 2019, I published a free 80-page eBook on my website.

I fully realised that few were going to read it. It was long. It had a controversial title. Instead of focusing on a single subject, it tried to convey a world view.

Fast-forward six months, and a lot of it has proven prescient:

  • I warned about the growing importance of “shifting your healthcare to a place and system that is secure“. Do I even need to explain why that has become even more pressing since then?
  • The eBook spelled out the danger of the coming “Eurozone wealth distribution“. Do you have any doubts that residents of major European economies have a tsunami of new taxes coming their way? Germany is already investigating a potential one-off taxation of assets, rather than just taxing income.
  • It looked into political trends, and one chapter was called: “Supra-national organisations are having their accountability reckoning“. Would it be fair to say that the World Health Organisation has now arrived at that point?

I could go on… There was a lot in there that proved prescient.

As a matter of fact, this eBook is one of the posts on my website that I am the most proud of.

However, publishing inconvenient truths and unpopular opinions doesn’t get you the most clicks. Google’s search algorithm favours what is popular today, not what may be in demand tomorrow. It would have been better for my website’s metrics had I published all this today, or if I simply wrote articles that confirmed peoples’ existing opinions.

Mandate of heaven

That’s not the point of my website, though. I want my readers to read tomorrow’s news, today. You should be better prepared for the future after reading my blog, and enjoy an edge over everyone else. I also like challenging my readers, because it’s outside of your comfort zone that you grow the fastest.

I don’t expect today’s eBook to get much attention either. As a matter of fact, it’ll probably upset quite a few of my readers and make them unsubscribe. Challenging existing beliefs and calling a spade a spade inevitably rubs up some people the wrong way. Comforting lies always outsell hard truths.

Still, I couldn’t be happier that I wrote it.

Even if I was the only person reading it, it would still have been worth my time. Writing it all down helped me to get my own planning for the future in order.

Just like the eBook from November 2019, it’s also a work-in-progress. I don’t see any of its content as fixed for eternity, and readers are welcome to try and change my mind on any of its points. These eBooks are my mental exercises for eventually writing an extensive hardcopy book that summarises the essence of this website.

Everything you find on my website is part of my personal journey of learning and discovery, and I am happy to share raw versions of it with you. Based on the feedback I am receiving from readers, there is a growing number of people out there who are looking for content creators that pursue just this approach. After all, for everything conventional and well-established, you could just as well stick to the corporate media and its rehearsed, approved narratives.

In 2020, blogs, personal websites, and alternative media channels are where you get to read and learn the juicy stuff.

You can download the eBook for free using the following link (there is no registration required):

“Corona kills woke – and 9 useful, positive conclusions for yourself”

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