A reader’s reaction to my “Lifetime Tax Bill” series

A reader’s reaction to my “Lifetime Tax Bill” series
29 April 2020

Below is an email that I received as a response to my recent articles about the concept of the lifetime tax bill.

It’s worthwhile sharing with you for three reasons:

  • To inspire you to use the content of my blog to make lasting changes in your life.
  • To stress how valuable it is to get Dominic Frisby’s book “Daylight Robbery”.
  • To encourage other readers to write in with feedback. I do reply to everyone and take all feedback, both positive and negative, onboard.

Received: 23 April 2020

Dear Swen,


I have now finished listening to ‘Daylight Robbery by Dominic Frisby’ in its entirety and have to say that I was completely blown away!

Thank you SO much for pointing me in the direction of that book Swen. I think I can say with confidence that it is probably the best thing I’ve read/listened to in the last five years.

It’s not that so much of it was especially new knowledge to me (tax, because I run a small business, is always something I have been interested in and tried to remain well-informed on) it’s more the way the author has consolidated all that information, set it in a historical context, described it in a fashion that is easily accessible and simple to understand and, unlike so many other critics of things that are wrong, has actually taken the final, most important step, and attempted to propose his own alternative to the current modus operandi he dislikes.

I am REALLY impressed and, more than this, my behaviour from here on will quite possibly change as a consequence. Hopefully for the better!

It feels like one of those ‘required reading’ books that I will now spend the years ahead pushing upon my friends and recommending to everybody that ‘you have to read this!’

All the best and thanks again for this recommendation!

(Sender’s name withheld by request)

For more information about Frisby’s book (which is also available as audio book), check the section at the bottom of part 2 of the series (link below).

To check back on the series this email refers to, use the following links:

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