Free eBook: Trump and Brexit – 10 reasons why I love their positive impact

Free eBook: Trump and Brexit – 10 reasons why I love their positive impact
13 November 2019
Brexit and Trump - 10 reasons why I love their positive impact cover

The jurisdiction where you choose to live tends to have a tremendous impact on your life.

That’s all the more the case when far-reaching political changes lead to countries taking a turn to an entirely new direction.

Trump and Brexit qualify as such turning points, and their effects extend way beyond these two countries. The ramifications stemming from these two 2016 votes will create tremendous opportunities in some parts of the world over the coming one to two decades. They will probably also leave other countries and regions fall behind.

The political developments since 2016 are already having a global, direct influence on many questions that this blog is dealing with, e.g.:

  • Where and how to safely and successfully build your own business?
  • Which country or region to base yourself in to have a good life?
  • How to protect yourself against the creeping bankruptcy of government Ponzi schemes in areas such as health and pensions?

This eBook is an effort to provide a different, useful, and to some degree actionable, perspective on some of the most complicated subjects of our time. It is v1.0 of an eBook that I will probably relaunch as a v2.0 and v3.0 at some point in the future, and to which I actively invite (critical) reader feedback.

You’ll find v1.0 to be the following:

  • Ten separate articles glued on top of each other. They are written in such a way that you don’t need to read all of them and instead can pick and choose.
  • Each subject discussed will very likely have direct effects on your quality of life, investing, building a business, as well as personal liberty.
  • It ties in with future articles, eBooks, videos, and events that will appear on my website.

You will find that this eBook has a positive, can do attitude. Brexit and Trump have kicked off changes that make me hugely optimistic for the world in general, and which have already led to specific opportunities arising for myself.

I am excited about sharing some lesser-known perspectives that I recently noticed others found interesting when I brought them up in conversation.

If you’d like to provide feedback of any kind – ideally, of a harsh nature so that I am challenged to learn something new – then do drop me a note through this website’s contact form.

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