Join me for a World Premiere – if you can make it on 6 September

Join me for a World Premiere – if you can make it on 6 September
5 August 2019

It is not often that you get to experience something that no one else before you had the chance of enjoying.

On 6 September, I can offer you precisely that.

As many of you already know, I’ll be co-hosting a weekend on Sark, the independently governed island in the British Channel. There’ll be a lot of news coming out of Sark soon. Some of that news I fully expect to appear in media around the world, and others will be quite valuable for anyone with a mind for investing.

You’ll get to read more about this on my blog over the coming months, but I can already give you a little taster.

Literally, a taster…

The first-ever public tasting of “Vin de L’île de Sark”

Back in 2011, the Barclay family began an attempt to grow world-class sparkling wine on Sark. Sir Frederick and Sir David Barclay are ranked #17 in the Sunday Times Rich List with nearly a $10bn fortune.

Nearly a decade ago, their team planted 60 acres of wine on Sark.

Quality and the desire to create something exceptional were among the priorities.

Indeed, since the Barclay family owns five-star hotels like London’s Ritz, only the best was going to do it.

Which is why they hired Alain Renauld, formerly the owner of Chateau Quinault in France’s St. Emilion region. Renauld had been part of a group of Bordeaux winemakers called the “garagistes”, a term used as a backhanded compliment for winemakers who take previously unknown chateaus to world-class status.

The wines produced by such winemakers often receive very high wine ratings from Robert Parker, and are usually sold at a price driven by rarity and status.

My readers will be the first group ever to get a chance to taste and enjoy the wine that was grown on the Barclay family’s Sark estate by a team led by Renauld.

These bottles will be super-rare and could make for an excellent investment once they hit the market.

28,000 exclusive bottles tucked away in a safe place

As part of the weekend gathering I have organised to take place in Sark from Friday 6 September to Sunday 8 September, there’ll be a tasting of Sark sparkling wine. The first-ever such wine to be served, and all done under the right guidance and in the right kind of setting.

Kevin Delaney, the long-standing manager of the Barclay family’s Sark estate who is passionate about organic farming, has kindly offered to host us.

One of his restaurants will have us for an informal BBQ welcome evening, with an Argentinean-style asado of Sark lamb and a lot of other local and organically produced food.

As Kevin and his restaurant manager Nichola emailed me:

“The evening will be the opportunity to preview a sparkling wine produced from grapes grown on Sark and harvested in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Your visitors will be able to sample a glass or two of the Sark non-vintage sparkling wine which will come to market in late spring of 2020.”

That’ll be one special treat for us!

Also, I know that some of the guests will be interested in exploring the concept of Sark residency. Those among you who want to talk about that can discuss this, too, with Kevin on the evening. His team also operates the Sark Estate Agency, the only estate agency of the island.

And if you are into collecting wine, you may be able to do some “front-running” before this wine is launched and becomes a highly-priced collector’s item. We are, after all, interested in investing.

Because of a local political conflict about alcohol taxation, production was stopped – for now – in 2016. These 28,000 bottles are genuinely all there is, and it’ll be more like 27,985 bottles once the evening is over. It’s super-rare wine! Technically speaking, it’s not available for purchase. But all I can say is, speak to Kevin about it on the evening. If you did manage to eventually get your hands on a case or two, its appreciation as collector’s item could end up paying for your entire trip.

How to join us

I have two hotel rooms left for this weekend, one of them because of a recent cancellation. These are the last two opportunities to participate in this weekend experience. I have organised this “at cost”, i.e. the price of GBP 950 per person in a double room (or GBP 1,250 for a single guest) isn’t making anyone any money. It’s about bringing an exciting batch of people together in a fun place, do some networking, and create lasting memories.

You can read more about this trip here, and there is also a pdf file available for download.

As I said, there’ll be more news coming out of Sark soon. For anyone interested in investing, asset protection, entrepreneurship, an alternative kind of lifestyle, and related subjects, Sark is a place worth exploring and now is the best time to visit.

If you’d like to join us, drop me a note.

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