Free eBook: Trump and Brexit – 10 reasons why I love their positive impact

The jurisdiction where you choose to live tends to have a tremendous impact on your life. That’s all the more the case when far-reaching political changes lead to countries taking a turn to an entirely new direction. My new eBook is an effort to provide a different, useful, and to some degree actionable, perspective on some of the most complicated subjects of our time.

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Free 44-page eBook about fundraising

Hot off the press: You can now download my free 44-page eBook about fundraising called “10 Reasons why your Fundraising WILL fail – the hard truths no one else is telling you about”.

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How to write while you sleep (really!)

The process of writing – or preparing for writing – is a very personal one. Here is the method that helped me increase my writing output by 30% to 50%, if not more. I have been using this method for about a quarter of a century.

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My trilogy of investment books

Special Edition Trilogy English

Available to pre-order now!